Sports Clubs

Redefining Fitness

From its inception, Millennium Partners has believed that top of the line health and wellness offerings are integral elements of its major projects. Millennium Partners is the developer behind the unrivaled Sports Club/LA Clubs. The highly successful prototype of this concept, Reebok Sports Club/NY, validated Millennium's belief in the importance of sports and fitness as an essential part of an appealing, well-balanced lifestyle for its residents. The first to incorporate such extensive facilities into urban mixed-use developments, Millennium Partners correctly predicted the demand for and the value of large, upscale sports facilities.

Redefining the next generation of fitness, each of the six clubs operated by Millennium Partners Sports Club Management are truly exceptional. With up to 150,000 square feet and multiple floors of equipment and fitness space, the Clubs offer workouts for every individual's personal fitness routine. Millennium Partners Sports Club Management believes that health and fitness is an essential part of life, so in addition to providing innovative fitness programs and best in class facilities, additional amenities from salon services and dry cleaning to opportunities to socialize in caf├ęs and restaurants are all included. The clubs are essentially an urban oasis.

Sports Clubs By City